First of its kind book—"Tennessee River: Sparkling Gem of the South"

“… a beautiful book that will enthrall readers...” —Kim Trevathan, author of “Paddling the Tennessee River: A Voyage on Easy Water”

While there are books romanticizing the mighty Mississippi River, or capturing the beauty of the Chattahoochee or documenting the Ohio, no such book exists on the Tennessee River—until now. My new book, "Tennessee River: Sparkling Gem of the South," is a beautiful view of one of America’s great, but under appreciated rivers. This river is 652 miles of lakes and tributaries that begins high in the Appalachian Mountains and end in a merger with the Ohio River in western Kentucky.

Our reviews:
" Enchanting photos..." A magical book..."
"...incredible, breathtaking Tennessee aerial views."

"You'll want to move and live in Tennessee."


This book will change the way you think about the Tennessee River forever.

I've spent the last thirteen years virtually living in the sky, flying this experimental plane that my son and I built, named "Cloud Chaser" and taking these photographs along the Tennessee River.


Being able to be airborne so many hours has presented me with dramatic lighting effects after a summer rain, allowed me to catch the earliest rays of dawn and photograph cities emerging from the fog along the river.


I’ve soared with hot air balloons, dodged (sometimes not so successfully!) cow patties on a dirt landing strip and flown with flocks of sandhill cranes as they come in to roost for the night.

I would like to share my unusual, aerial perspective above the river with you!


Through the photography in this book, you will see the beauty from my perspective and why I treasure this “sparkling gem of the south.”



AirCam over Tennessee River Gorge

“Lowery has captured the essence of place; the often unseen beauty of a moment that frames what few of us ever realize is there.”
—Mel Hughes, professional pilot


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