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At the end of this chapter, I would like to emphasize: at the stage of construction of an object, you do not buy real estate. You enter into an investment contract, which can be classified as an investment in securities.

If you do not have the task of living in this property, I recommend exploring other ways of investing, because the market for new buildings in Russia has not shown stable returns in recent years, which we will discuss in more detail in the following chapters

Clients often come to me for consultations with the following questions:

Is it worth it or not to buy this or that commercial property?

– Should you invest in a residential complex under construction?

- Should I buy a country house or an apartment?

– Should I invest in real estate in Montenegro or Spain?

If you carefully read the first chapter, you already understand that there is no universal answer. Just like there is no absolute method of real estate appraisal.


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