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Construction, Advertising, Environmental, Personal, Residential and Legal

My “tripod” in the sky

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I use my personal aircraft—from this open cockpit plane I built to a drone, to cover local and regional aerial photo jobs. As both a pilot and photographer, I bring special expertise to a job.

How I can provide you with a better aerial:

  • I have over 45 years of experience as a commercial photographer and 21 years of aerial photography and piloting my own plane. Most valuable is my knowledge as an artist who has mastered composition and lighting

  • It takes unique skills to adjust the contrast and haze in aerial photography. Those photos on my website are not what you would get by just dumping digital files straight from a camera, I carefully adjust every image.

  • It is important that as a professional business man and photographer I realize my job is to make you and your product look good. I do that by providing reliable and quality service

If you need aerial photos, would it be wiser to hire a pilot who happens to have a camera, or a photographer who happens to have a plane? Call (423) 240-3898 or email me for competitive pricing and scheduling.

These are some of my satisfied clients below:


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