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Tennessee River: Sparkling Gem of the South
A collection of my best images, shot over the past 15 years, of the Tennessee River and it's tributaries. In this book, I share my unusual, aerial perspective from above the river and you'll see why I treasure this "sparkling gem of the South."

Hardcover book, 11.75 x 9 inches, 144 pages of full color, beautifully reproduced photographs. The cover's title is embossed with a matte copper foil. 


“... incredible, breathtaking Tennessee aerial views.”       
“You'll want to move and live in Tennessee.”

“...shows the true beauty and grace of Tennessee and the South...”


Chasing Lewis & Clark Across America:
A 21st Century Aviation Adventure

Pilot and photographer Ron Lowery captures the grandeur and beauty of our American landscape along the entire Lewis and Clark trail from an aerial perspective using an open cockpit airplane that he built.. Follow along from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. All 5-star reviews!


This book is for pilots, history buff and lovers of great photography.

Hardcover book is 10 x 13 inches, 168 pages in beautiful, full color.


“Lowery's photos seem to pop from the page with depth rarely found in photo books.” 
—Billings Gazette 

“Photography and prose unite to illuminate the American geography...” 
— Southern Living Magazine 

“...succeeds brilliantly...These large-format color photographs cause jaw-drops, page after page.”
— Seattle Post-Intelligencer   


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